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Rafael Micro Announces RT582 2.4GHz Dual-protocol SOC for Matter Based IOT Market

Rafael Micro, with RF IC design as its core competence, launched the world’s most advanced dual band 2.4GHz/ Sub-GHz multiple protocol SoC RT582 for the Internet of Things (IOT) communication market. The RT582 integrates advanced Arm® Cortex-M3 MCU with dual band 2.4GHz RF with embedded multi-protocol MAC for Bluetooth 5.1/5.2, Zigbee® 3.0, Matter and Thread applications.

RT582 comes with embedded 1MB Flash and 204KB of RAM for latest Matter applications which is supported by major ecosystem players like Google, Apple and Facebook. RT582 facilitates development of Matter end products that support Thread, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth protocols. Matter is a new high level protocol designed to provide cross vendors interoperable, reliable, secure connectivity and networks for IOT market. Matter simplifies product development and the end-user experience by providing a unified connectivity standard for a wide range of smart home and commercial applications. including Smart speaker, LED bulbs, door locks, commercial lighting and access control.

RT582 has -114 dBm sensitivity (1% PER) @ 50 kbps O-QPSK DSSS and built-in 20dbm output power. In a noisy frequency band, it has outstanding noise immunity performance regardless of the transmission speed. Rich IO support and high performance ADC provide the high flexibility for different application requirement.

RT582 comes with 4×4 QFN IC packages, and complete software porting, customization services and operating system support.

Rafael Micro CEO Ted Sun said, ” Matter is a new IP based open standard protocol that can ensure cross brand device interoperability and reduce costs through a partner ecosystem, true interoperability between products, and flexibility in hardware selection. Many leading companies are actively supporting this new standard. With these advantages and other features, it provides a reliable, low-power, cost-effective choice for Matter based networks that expand the range, improve indoor penetration, and extended battery life.”

Update to date Matter ecosystems including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google. In addition to Matter protocol support, RT582 also suitable for Zigbee-Direct applications which used Bluetooth to interface with mobile phones running specific APPs while control and managed IOT devices connected by Zigbee® based mesh network.

About Rafael Micro

Rafael Micro is a fabless IC design company in Taiwan that focuses on high-end broadband RF technology and continues to extend its core technology to digital and high-speed optical communications. Its products include TV RF IC, STB RF IC, modulator chip, satellite broadcast LNB, optical communication IC and BLE 5.1/5.2 and Sub-GHz IoT communication chips. Rafael Micro’s product lines performance, quality and engineering services quality have been highly recognized by customers. For more information please visit website:

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