The Global Leader in RFIC Technology

Core Competence

With our recognized expertise in DC ~ 20GHz RF CMOS mixed-signal design, Rafael Micro is already successful in TV receivers and satellite signal downconverters used world-wide. We bring best-in-class broadband reception and superior GHz RF design techniques to several fast-growing consumer electronics markets. We strive to maintain our position and build upon it as a leading provider of highly integrated silicon tuners, Ku-band downconverters, RF switch matrices, multi-receiver solutions, RF connectivity and optical high-frequency devices. Our cost-effective products are designed and produced for consumer electronics devices, service operator equipment and large-scale telecoms equipment manufacturers.

Rafael Micro’s AccuTuneTM and TrueRFTM technologies in our silicon receiver IC’s provide advanced out-of-band interference rejection to protect against disruption by 4G/LTE and WiFi signals as well as giving incomparably superior real-world performance in sensitivity, linearity, adjacent channel immunity and image rejection. Our GHz design expertise produces high-frequency multi-user receivers and RF signal distribution solutions for a wide customer base.