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Campus Program

Rafael Microelectronics Scholarship

1. The number of awards and aids: up to 2 people will be approved each year, and the best will be admitted.

2. Eligibility for application:
(1) Graduate students of the master’s degree program.
(2) Research needs to be related to the following fields.

a. Mixed-signal integrated circuit for wireline and wireless communication systems.
b. Serdes, high speed interface, optical communication, wireless PAN, LAN.
c. Communication system.

3. Application timeline: effective from today, until the quota is full.

4. The content of the awards:
(1) NT$400,000 for each master’s degree.
(2) 200,000 scholarships will be issued immediately, the research results must be reported one year later, and another 200,000 scholarships will be issued.

5. Rights and obligations: At least 1.5 years of Rafael Micro service (or application for Rafael Micro R&D alternative service).

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