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Rafael Microelectronics Inc. is a fast-growing broadband RF IC design company that designs, manufactures and markets high performance silicon tuners for existing analog/cable TV and emerging digital TV receptions. With innovative RF tuning technology (AccuTuneTM) and advanced RF filtering architecture (TrueRFTM), Rafael Micro’s silicon tuner performs superior picture quality in rigid environment, meanwhile maintains the industrial’s smallest font factor. Rafael Micro provides a full spectrum of advanced silicon tuners of worldwide analog, hybrid, digital terrestrial, and satellite terrestrial broadcasting targeted for TV, Set Top Box, PCTV, and multimedia convergence device.


Rafael Microelectronics is operated worldwide including operations in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Consultants in US, and Sales Representatives in China.


TRADEMARKS: Rafael Micro,  AccuTune, and TrueRF are trademarks and registered trademarks of Rafael Microelectronics, Inc. Other products and companies are trademarked by their respective owners.



RT810 CMOS Hybrid TV Tuner

An advanced hybrid tuner design for use in both analog and digital, terrestrial and cable, TV and Set Top Box.


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