“Within a thousand years, I cannot find a new system to replace optical fiber. When I say this, you should not believe me, because I didn’t believe in experts.”

Father of Fiber Optics & 2009 Nobel Physics Prize Winner, Charles Kuen Kao

Optical Networking

Rafael Micro provides Trans-Impedance Amplifiers (TIA) and Laser Drivers for various optical communication markets. Light transmission is inherently high-speed and secure from eavesdropping. CMOS-based design delivers very low power consumption with excellent sensitivity and energy efficiency providing optimum solutions for data center, 5G telecom, FTTH/PON, smart home and consumer applications.

Data Center

Rafael Micro’s CMOS technology transceivers enable power-efficient  25G/100G active optic cable (AOC) design. A unique passive architecture improves equalizer flatness. High accuracy CDR design utilizing a frequency convolution architecture achieves high accuracy in eye pattern recognition. Built in pre-distortion improves driver efficiency.

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RT145Quad 28Gbps SR4 CDR/ LA/TIA
RT146Quad 28Gbps SR4 EQ/CDR/LDD


Rafael Micro delivers 10G PON TIA and combo laser drivers. A passive optical network (PON) is an optoelectronic telecommunications technology delivering broadband network access to end-customers. Its architecture implements point-to-multipoint topology in which a single optical fiber serves multiple endpoints using unpowered (passive) fiber optic splitters to divide the fiber bandwidth among multiple access points.

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10Gbps TIA for APD
RT11410Gbps TIA for PIN
RT11525Gbps TIA for APD
RT17010G/2.5Gbps LA/LDD for XG PON
RT17110G/10Gbps LA/LDD for XGS PON
Consumer AOC For the consumer market, Rafael Micro provides optoelectronic chips for industry standard cable connections including HDMI, Display Port, USB, Thunderbolt, etc. supporting high-speed data communication and ultra-high definition image transmission from 1 to 300 meters. In addition to 4K/8K TV audio and video entertainment and virtual reality VR headsets, it can also be used to connect computer display devices in corporate office environments as well as large-scale indoor and outdoor signage such as airport flight arrival/departure schedules. These products can also be used in demanding markets such as medical imaging displays and automobile systems requiring lossless noise-free connections.
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RT180 Quad 6Gbps LA/TIA
RT181 Quad 6Gbps EQ/LDD
RT182 Quad 12Gbps LA/TIA
RT183 Quad 12Gbps EQ/LDD

Premium Optical CATV TIA

For the consumer market, Rafael Micro provides optoelectronic chips for CATV applications. They features integrated PA, can achieve 4 times of signal amplification compared to traditional devices. AGC gain between -16dBm to +2dBm. Wide receiving input range between -18dBm to +2dBm. This family features small PCB design and automatic calibration which reduces the manufacturing cycle time and production cost.

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RT930Optical CATV TIA
RT990Optical CATV TIA

Satellite RF Over Fiber TIA

The RT113 TIA and RT113M ROSA module is a high-quality device for RF-over-Fiber satellite signal distribution equipment. RT113M consists of a photodiode and a TIA integrated into a TO-can mounted in a FC fiber connector grounded metal housing. Having the TIA co-located with the photodiode provides an absolute minimum noise floor exactly at the point of RF reception for maximized C/N ratio of the ensuing RF signal path. Wide dynamic range with automatic gain control provides exceptional MER performance in real-world installations.

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RT113A high-quality TIA for RF-over-Fiber satellite signal distribution
RT113MA high-quality ROSA for RF-over-Fiber satellite signal distribution