The Global Leader in RFIC Technology

Design Services

Rafael Micro provides RF centric design service by incorporating Rafael’s own IP as well as 3rd party IPs to meet customers’ specifications. As a RF IC company from very beginning, Rafael has accumulated many years of RF system know-how by supporting our customers in the field. Our track records make our customers to trust us to deliver their own wireless SOC products with success. Rafael has wide technologies covered from 55nm, 40nm, 28nm to 22nm.

RF IP and Design Service

  • BLE 5.0, Zigbee 3.0, sub-G on 802.15.4(g)
  • Low-Power Design and Methodology
  • AHB Performance Subsystem
  • Custom RF IP Development
  • Spec-in Design Service
  • TSMC 55nm, 40nm and others
  • RF SOC Complete Turn-Key Service
  • Software, Production and System support

We provide Spec-in and turn-key services for RF-centric loT SOC design. We will take care of your project from specification to successful product launch!

Rafael Wireless Subsystem Highlights

Rafael Micro established wireless IoT communication subsystem as basic building blocks to ease SOC integration. Each subsystem contains RF radio, Modem and MAC circuits. Rafael’s MAC is configurable to adopt variety of communication protocols.

SOC Platform to Accelerate SoC Design

Rafael Micro established its own general-purpose IoT platforms on T40nm and T55nm to facilitate future projects to accelerate the design cycle and reduce time-to-market for customers. There are matured IPs in the platform as well as related digital circuits and software components.