The Global Leader in RFIC Technology

Company Overview

Michaelango, Leonardo da Vinci and Rafael (Raffaello Sanzio in Italian) are the famous three Masters of the Italian Renaissance. They creatively excelled in both science and art so their works influenced the future of Western culture. We create RF integrated circuits with this same aspiration by continuously pursuing innovation and unique creativity.

Radio frequency technology is commonly called RF thus we have adopted Rafael’s name for its R and F. Rafael Micro was founded in November 2006 and the staff are senior RF professionals in the semiconductor industry. A global leader in RF IC design, we are also the only supplier in Greater China with the ability to penetrate high-end home appliances. Accumulating more than 630 million unit shipments with rigorous Quality Assurance testing has earned our customers’ trust and built a strong reputation.

All of our RF IC’s utilize our own innovative proprietary technologies and intellectual property. This includes patented RF tuning technology, filtering technology and advanced broadband RF technology giving us competitive strength that’s not easily matched. We are constantly innovating to create new high-quality RF IC technology for the entire world.

We are Taiwan’s only RF IC design company producing receivers for 4K/8K Ultra High Definition TV’s and Set-top Boxes. Our shipments have surpassed Japanese and Korea competitors to place us in the world’s Top-3 ranking. We are in the supply chains of European, American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese manufacturers.