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Rafael Micro provides competitive salary and bonus to share its operating results with colleagues.

Fixed salary

– Fixed salary for 12 months

– Two-month year-end bonus


– Employee stock and stock options


We provide various bonus to reward employee performance. Including but not limited to  employee performance bonus, employee referral bonus, innovation patent bonus , employee dividend bonus, outstanding award and special bonus, etc.


“Employees” are the company’s most important asset. In addition to humanized management, the management team established a harmonious and open communication channel for creating a comfortable working environment.

  • Two days off every week, flexible commuting
  • Parking space for employees
  • Quality and comfortable staff dormitory
  • Dinner subsidy allowance
  • Employee labor insurance, health insurance
  • Comprehensive group insurance benefits (including accident insurance and hospitalization medical insurance items)
  • Prioritize employee health protection, 365 days a year
  • Annual health management physical examination.
  • Employees are fully paid for on-the-job education.
  • Newcomers enjoy special leave in the year they arrive. more flexible physiological leave and paternity leave
  • Tailor-made healthy fruit lunch boxes, nutrition and vitality desserts
  • Department dinner subsidy
  • Employee travel allowance.
  • Annual company-wide indoor/outdoor leisure activities


The company conducts basic education and on job training courses for each new employee, regularly investigates the training needs of various departments and plans the professional skills required by the organization every year, actively cultivates employees’ professional knowledge and skills, and participates in external academic research institutions from time to time to improve employees knowledge and professional skills.

Retirement S

The company’s employee retirement measures apply to all officially appointed employees. The employee’s retirement fund is fully deposited under the management of the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee and deposited in a special retirement fund account. For post-retirement benefit plans there are definite allocation plans.

The company regularly allocates employee retirement funds to designated accounts every month, and the withdrawal rate shall not be lower than 6% of the employees’ monthly salary.

Welfare Committee

The company established an employee welfare committee in accordance with the labor law, with representatives selected by employees to manage and properly use employee welfare funds. The annual funding sources of the Welfare Committee mainly come from the company’s operating income and employee benefits. At the same time, the company also sponsors the manpower and funds for the annual activity plan of the welfare committee at any time according to actual needs. The employee welfare implements annual travel allowances, departmental party allowances, subsidies for weddings and funerals, and discount of contracted shops.

Labor and Management Meeting

The company values ​​the rights and interests of employees and holds quarterly labor-management meetings to serve as a communication platform for both labor and management to express their opinions, to reach consensus between labor and management and to promote a good cross functional relationship.