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Rafael Microelectronics HDMI 2.1 RT182 chipset passed HDMI certification laboratory high-speed data lane electrical test

The RT182 HDMI 2.1 optical communication chipset launched by Rafael Microelectronics leads the industry and passed the high-speed data lane test through official HDMI certification laboratory, conforms to the industry’s mainstream HDMI 2.1 standard. RT182 supports optical high-speed non-interference data communication up to hundreds of meters. It is used in 8K TV and medical diagnosis and other vedio transmission applications that require high-definition non-destructive images.

The RT182 chipset supports latest HDMI 2.1 standard, and its standardized ultra-high-speed HDMI cable can support a transfer rate up to 48 Gbps, including uncompressed 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz video signals. When a HDMI 2.1 cable length exceeds 5 meters, an active optical fiber cable (AOC) is required to ensure the transmission quality. RT182 chipset adopts TSMC advanced CMOS process, which can provide 48Gbps transmission bandwidth with low power consumption and high reliability. The power consumption of the transmitter is less than 200mW, and the receiver can extract power from the signal directly without additional power supply. Its power consumption is less than 300mW. The chip is designed to be backward compatible with HDMI2.0 RT180, which can reduce the development cost of the manufacturer’s photoelectric module (OE module) for time to market. In the future, the RT18X series will support new USB4 and other higher-speed transmission applications.

Ted Sun, CEO of Rafael Microelectronics, said that “The RT182 chipset has ultra-high receiving sensitivity and trans-impedance gain, which can match various PD optical receivers on the market, and has the ability to drive VCSELs, which can achieve speeds up to 12G bps in a single lane. It supports multi-lane transmission up to 300 meters, and enables different types of active optical fiber cable applications  for 4K/8K TV audio and video and VR headset.  In addition to applications such as glasses/helmets, it can also be used for computer display device connections in corporate office environments, as well as public facilities such as airport station flight schedules and other indoor and outdoor large signage applications.

In the 5G era, consumers will be able to experience high-speed and massive Internet services, including advanced applications such as remote office, telemedicine, virtual reality, and automatic safe driving. Optical communication technology has become an important key to high-speed data connections. Chen Jiaxiu, Vice President of Rafael Micro-Optical Communications, said, “The RT182 chipset has passed the high-speed data transmission certification test of the official certification laboratory through the advanced RF chip design capabilities and patented technology of Rafael Microelectronics. It can also provide high-quality video signal transmission under supply conditions. The finished product has passed a complete compatibility test and is suitable for the latest 8K video transmission. The optical transmission has the characteristics of high speed, no interference, safety, privacy, and non-eavesdropping. The series of products will be applicable to high-end markets such as high-definition medical image transmission and in-car high-speed communication systems that are resistant to engine surge noise.”

High-frequency RF technology capabilities have always been the competitive advantage of Rafael microelectronics. The RT182 chipset has been verified by a third-party standard certification laboratory and fully meets the functional indicators. It is compared with the industry’s existing 89 different brand TVs, set-top boxes, computers and tablets, etc. The machine product is compatible. The RT182 chipset has been mass-produced and supplied to provide equipment and cable manufacturers with the best active optical fiber communication solutions.

About Rafael Microelectronics, Inc.

Rafael Microelectronics is a chip design company with high-end broadband RF technology (Broadband RF) as its core technology, and continues to extend its product applications to data communication and high-speed optical communication chips. The product line includes 4K/8K TV RF receiver chips and set-top box RF receivers. Chips, satellite low-noise downconverters and multi-signal switchers, high-speed optical communication chips, and IoT communication radio frequency chips, etc.

Rafael Microelectronics is a listed company in Taiwan. Its product marketing faces the global market and continues to focus on technological innovation and R&D investment. It has become one of the largest broadband RF chip companies in Asia. The Rafael product line has a complete product range, providing customers with different solutions for high performance and price advantages; the performance, quality and engineering services of each product line have been highly recognized by customers. For more company information, please refer to the company website:

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