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Rafael Micro Announces RT568 RF Chip Supporting Bluetooth 5.0 IoT

Rafael Micro, with RF IC design as its core technology, launched the Bluetooth 5.0 low-power (BLE 5.0) wireless transceiver RT568 for the Internet of Things (IOT) communication market. Its design is based on a simplified standard SPI interface and a main chip or a microprocessor (MCU), which can flexibly execute standard software or customer-specific software applications.

Due to the low power and reliability unique to the Bluetooth standard, related technologies have begun to expand into a variety of applications. With a simple one-click pairing between products, data communication or voice transmission can be performed. The Bluetooth Alliance has more than 20,000 members. Most mobile devices are equipped with Bluetooth. With the advent of the 5G Internet of Things era, many smart home products (such as smart light bulbs) also introduced Bluetooth technology to make Bluetooth applications more omnipresent.

Rafael Micro CEO Ted Sun said, “RT 568 is a highly customizable Bluetooth low-power 5.0 chip. The standard communication software includes Link Layer, Stack and Profiles, which are mainly executed in the microprocessor selected by the customer.” Customers can also choose to execute the protocol software developed by themselves for special applications. In this way, the RT568 becomes a highly customizable wireless RF transceiver decoupled from the main chip.

RT568 has -96dbm high sensitivity and built-in 10dbm output power. In the noisy 2.4GHz frequency band, it has outstanding anti-noise performance regardless of the transmission speed of 2Mb / s or 1Mb / s. At present, RT568 provides KGD (Known Good Die) and 3×3 QFN20 IC packages, and provides software porting, customized services and operating system support. Customers can also choose a third-party BLE software protocol stack or BLE network firmware which is connected to the RT568 through the HCI interface.

RT568 BLE chip can provide the connectivity function for a embedded 32bit MCU / SOC at the lowest cost. Not only the main technical indicators are better than major market competitors, but the PCB area required is also greatly reduced. RT568 will be a new cost-effective option in the industry to improve the system performance of IOT communication.


About Rafael Micro

Rafael Micro is a fabless IC design company in Taiwan that focuses on high-end broadband RF technology and continues to extend its core technology to digital and high-speed optical communications. Its products include TV RF chips, STB RF IC, modulator chip, satellite broadcast LNB, optical communication chip and BLE 5.0 and Sub-GHz IoT communication chip. Rafael Micro’s product lines performance, quality and engineering services quality have been highly recognized by customers.

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